Lilith is the primordial Vampire in the True Blood series. She is the main antagonist of Season 5 and one of the secondary antagonists of Season 6.


Lilith is the ancestor of all Vampires, meaning she's Much more powerful than Russell Edgington who is the most powerful Vampire in the Series up until her return, she basically is described to be truely built in god's image, when Godric appeared to Eric reminding him of what has transpired is wrong however Eric's sister Nora isn't aware of this being wrong, and tells Eric to Save Nora, though she is the first vampire it is learned that she met the sun eons ago, and her progeny put her remains in a crystal veil, meaning she's really a hallucination when vampires drink her blood the see her and she would tell each of them that she choose them to lead them in to the new age, this hallucination leads to Vampires trying to kill each other believing one is the chosen and chose to eliminate the other.