Lilian Lee

Dr. Lilian Lee is the villainess from "Hangover," an episode from Sanctuary's third season. She is a security inspector from the United Nations who was scheduled to check up on Helen Magnus' Sanctuary house. On her way, she was infected by an abnormal known as a pinepex, which causes its host to become overprotective of it; even resorting to harming those who they see as a threat. Dr. Lee shot Bigfoot on her way to the house and then fired shots at the Sanctuary group, who were all (except Magnus) infected at one time by the abnormal. She is later subdued by Will, who captures the pineplex. Dr. Lee awakes seated next to Magnus, having no memory of what happened. After Magnus reveals what really happened to her, Dr. Lee decides not to report it to the UN, to save both herself and Magnus.

Dr. Lee was played by Françoise Yip, who appeared as the character in three episodes of Sanctuary, only serving as an antagonist in "Hangover."