Lila Loomis (née Crane) is a character in the Psycho franchise and appears as one of the main protagonists in Psycho and the secondary antagonist in the 1983 film Psycho II which is a sequel to the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho (an adaptation of the 1959 book of the same name). She is responsible for trying to push Norman Bates over the edge when he is released from the mental institution after serving over 20 years, which is in retaliation for him killing her sister Marion Crane. Lila tries to accomplish this by dressed up as his deceased mother Norma Bates, although at the same time a murder spree starts occurring in the town.

She is played by Vera Miles.


Psycho (1960)

Lila is the younger sister of Marion Crane. After Marion steals $40,000 from her employer to flee to Fairvale, California where her boyfriend stays, Marion travels there to convince Marion to return with the money only to find out from Marion's boyfriend Sam that he hasn't seen her. A private investigator is hired to search for her and he checks out every hotel, eventually coming across the Bates Motel where he ends up going missing.

Lila and Sam pose as a married couple and head to the motel and try not to arouse suspicion from the owner Norman Bates. As Lila checks out Norman's house, he notices him heading back and hides out in the cellar. There he sees Norman's mother Norma Bates sitting on a chair away from her. Lila approaches and touches Norma, the chair turns revealing her to be dead. Lila screams, and Norman appears dressed as his mother and branding a kitchen knife. But before he can attack her, Sam appears and subdues him. Norman is subsequently arrested and institutionalized, and Marion's car containing her body is dredged from a swamp.

After Psycho

Lila goes onto marrying Sam and they both have a daughter together whom they name Mary. Sam later passes away. Over the years Lila grew bitter over the murder of her sister.

Psycho II (1983)

Over twenty years after Norman was locked away, he was due for release after the authorities were satisfied he was sane. Lila wasn't pleased and got a petition together, but this proved fruitless and Norman was released regardless. Mary began posing as a waitress at a diner in order to get close to Norman, and Lila began dressing as Norman's mother in order to send him back over the edge and take him down. At the same time a new series of spree killings occurred and although it wasn't proved Norman was responsible, Lila felt it was the best opportunity to send him down. However Mary began to sympathise with Norman as she felt he truly changed, much to Lila's anger.

As Lila went to retrieve the Mother attire from Norman's basement, she was approached by a shadowy figure and stabbed through the mouth and killed. The body was later discovered by Norman and Mary. Mary became convinced Norman killed her mother and was about to stab him to death until the police arrived and gunned her down. It was concluded by police Mary and Lila were responsible for the spree killings, as it transpired they were trying to set Norman up. However unknown to them the real culprit was another diner worker named Emma Spool, who believed she was the true mother of Norman.

Other Media

Lila appears in Robert Bloch's sequel novel to Psycho which is also named Psycho II, however follows different events that the film. In it there are no plans for Norman to be released from the institution, and instead he escapes where he tracks down Lila and Sam and murders them both.


  • Julianne Moore portrayed the character in the shot-for-shot remake of Psycho in 1998.
  • Lila's villainy is only exclusive to the film sequels. In the book sequel, she ends up being killed by Norman Bates who escapes the institution.