Ligrin the collector is an alien creature who collects and kidnaps superheroes as a hobby. He is one of the many villains that the agents Coqueta and Audaz fight in the commercials used to advertise Coqueta & Audaz line of shoes for toddlers and kids. Among his minions, he has automatized capsule pods that are able to trap people inside and a giant articulated robot built out of toy building blocks that fights for him.


Ligrin has traveled all across the galaxy using his capsules to kidnap superheroes to add to his collection. Apparently, the only ones he's missing are the secret agents Coqueta & Audaz, so he sends two pods after them.


Ligrin seems to be heavily inspired on a Marvel super-villain, The Collector.

Ligrin made a cameo in Bela & Lugosi's commercial.


Coqueta y Audaz Colección Extraterrestre (Ligrin)-0

Coqueta y Audaz Colección Extraterrestre (Ligrin)-0