Lightning is a certified hero in the webcomic Sidekicks. However, despite this status, he's the farthest thing from a hero in the series. Power hungry, arrogant, cowardly and murderous, he has taken over the Humankind Security Council.


Lightning is a famous hero in the world of Sidekicks, however he has shown several unheroic traits to the point where he frankly has none. He's selfish, power hungry, greedy and cowardly. He mistreats his sidekicks to the point where three have died in the past, and he has shown zero remorse about it. He also doesn't enter the fray, leading from behind unless provoked. He is also quite corrupt: having taken bribes from young sidekick hopefuls to become his, and even telling his latest sidekick Succubus to sleep with him if she wants to get ahead. He's quite sexist and misogynistic, sexually harassing female heroes and sidekicks with glee.

His most disturbing trait is the fact he relishes in murdering 'villains'. When authorized, he gleefully executed the harmless (and now powerless) villain Snatcher after she was framed for murders by the fallen sidekick Olivia. And when he fought his former sidekick Gale who, due to the abuse Lightning inflicted upon him when he was his sidekick as well as his cold dismissal of him after he nearly died, he made him drop his guard by saying he wanted him to be his sidekick again. Then he tricked Gale (though Gale was predicting this) into telling him the location of the villain's hideout so he could, in his own words 'wipe them out'. Finally, he coldly executed Gale by electrocuting him from the inside out with his fist in his former sidekick's chest. After the timeskip, he's gotten even worse. Now with the full authority by leading the Hero Council, he murders unregistered heroes with impunity. When his latest sidekick, Succubus can't bring herself to execute one of these unregistered heroes, he crushes said unregistered hero without any hesitation, smiling all the way.

Seeing other heroes and sidekicks more as pawns, as well as his own sidekicks, he's shown he is nothing but a sociopath.


As Lightning's name suggests, he can control lightning, and like other superpowered beings in his world he has a degree of superstrength, speed, and durability compared to normal humans.