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The Ligahoo is a mythical shapeshifting monster from the folklore of Trinidad and Tobago , said to often take the form of a centaur. It is cousin to the French loup-garou and the Germanic werewolf, yet not restricted to the form of a wolf. It seems like a normal human by day, but this creature takes on the form of a man with no head, who roams the night with a wooden coffin on its neck. On top of the coffin are three lighted candles and the long loose end of a heavy iron chain, noosed around its waist, trails behind him. Often, it is seen with chains around its neck, which change size. One appendage is said to be turned backwards. It can shapeshift into various animals, including horses, pigs or goats and is also thought to be a blood sucker which is less than particular about its food source, making do with such animals as cows and goats. To kill the La Gahoo one must beat the creature with a stick which has been anointed with holy water and holy oil for nine days. While beating the demon, it changes into other beasts such as a snarling dog, a wild bull and thunderous waves of water and finally will disappear into a mist.

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