Lieutenant X is the secondary antagonist of the animated atrocity known as Foodfight!        
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Lieutenant X

In the Movie

Lieutenant X was a follower of Lady X, the film's villain. In the film, Lieutenant X aided his master in knocking out the competition by using a poison that seemingly killed Ikes permanently. Later on in the film, he led his troop in the fight between the Brand X representatives and Marketropolis' Ikes. When Dex discovered that his fiancee, Sunshine Goodness, was being held captive by Lady X, he engages in a fight with the Lieutenant. With Sunshine Goodness' help, Dex manages to subdue his foe, and he then proceeds to give the General a taste of his own medicine. When he was dying, the Lieutenant noted that he possibly wet himself, and that it felt rather nice. He then proceeded to fall over dead.

During Lydia's Visit

During Lydia's vacation at the market, he tries to seduce her with charm and unusual fetishes. Later on, he manages to have a dance with her during the protagonist's wedding celebration.


  • He's voiced by Jeff Bennett, who in turn seems to be doing an impersonation of Tim Curry.
  • Lieutenant X seems to possess many unusual fetishes, which have attracted criticism from viewers due to it's lack of appropriateness to younger viewers.
    • He mentions spanking to Cheesel T. Weasel before throwing him from the roof.
    • When calling curfew, he says "all violators will be punished. I so hope they'll be violators" in an aroused voice.
    • After the scene when Dex and the Ikes drive off the first wave of Brand X attackers, he puts much emphasis on the word "pulvarizing"
    • Finally, before he dies, he says "I think I just wet myself. It feels rather nice"