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Lieutenant X is the secondary antagonist of the animated atrocity known as Foodfight!        
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Lieutenant X

In the Movie

Lieutenant X was a follower of Lady X, the film's villain. In the film, Lieutenant X aided his master in knocking out the competition by using a poison that seemingly killed Ikes permanently. Later on in the film, he led his troop in the fight between the Brand X representatives and Marketropolis' Ikes. When Dex discovered that his fiancee, Sunshine Goodness, was being held captive by Lady X, he engages in a fight with the Lieutenant. With Sunshine Goodness' help, Dex manages to subdue his foe, and he then proceeds to give the General a taste of his own medicine. When he was dying, the Lieutenant noted that he possibly wet himself, and that it felt rather nice. He then proceeded to fall over dead.


  • He's voiced by Jeff Bennett, who in turn seems to be doing an impersonation of Tim Curry.
  • Lieutenant X seems to possess many unusual fetishes, which have attracted criticism from viewers due to it's lack of appropriateness to younger viewers.
    • He mentions spanking to Cheesel T. Weasel before throwing him from the roof.
    • When calling curfew, he says "all violators will be punished. I so hope they'll be violators" in an aroused voice.
    • After the scene when Dex and the Ikes drive off the first wave of Brand X attackers, he puts much emphasis on the word "pulvarizing"
    • Finally, before he dies, he says "I think I just wet myself. It feels rather nice"

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