Lieutenant Sturm was a minor villain in The Rat Patrol.

He was portrayed by Manfred Lating.


Sturm was an Afrika Korps officer serving under Captain Hans Dietrich. Like Dietrich, he had a low opinion of General Karl Koenig, viewing his conduct (which included torturing and executing prisoners) as dishonorable. After Koenig had a group of Allied soldiers hung out on tree branches overnight, they died of exposure, and Dietrich told Sturm to give them a proper burial.

As they were taking Koenig to meet his wife and children at Koorlea, a scout plane spotted the Rat Patrol nearby and Dietrich instructed Sturm to take a halftrack and some men and investigate. The Germans engaged in a firefight with the Americans that saw Sturm wounded and his men killed. He quickly radioed Dietrich to warn him.