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Lieutenant Pohl was a minor villain in The Rat Patrol.


Pohl was an Afrika Korps officer serving under Captain Hans Dietrich. He captured Sam Troy while Troy was undercover in the French Resistance. When Troy refused to give up the location of a locket containing microfilm, Dietrich sentenced him and Resistance member Felicia to hang, unaware that Felicia was the daughter of Gaspard, a French collaborator who served as the Germans' hangman.

A guilt-ridden Gaspard, unable to execute his own daughter, spoke with Troy and was told the location of the locket, which Troy had dropped into a freshly dug grave. Little did either of them suspect Pohl was listening. When Gaspard went to the cemetery to get the locket, Pohl followed him and tried to take it from him at gunpoint. Gaspard dragged Pohl into the open grave with him. Pohl managed to mortally wound Gaspard before the Frenchman bashed him to death with his shovel.

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