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New York City Police Department Lieutenant Palmyra was Sergeant Clifton Sleigh's boss during Curse of The Pink Panther.Palmyra was under so much pressure because of Sleigh's incompetence, that he sent him on a stakeout to pursue a gang of muggers who were attacking little old ladies. Fortunately, Sleigh bumped into some hookers and caused a crisis to occur which humiliated Palmyra.

Palmyra had to forgive Sleigh for what he has done because he owed Sleigh's father who was his captain. Palmyra is thinking of retiring or murdering Sleigh because of this and was pleased when the French National Police contacted Sleigh to help search for the missing Chief Inspector Clouseau.


It was revealed that Palmyra had a daughter.

Charles Dreyfus might be his French relative.


-If the Pink Panther series had a reboot with Sleigh as the new protagonist, Palmyra would have ended up like Dreyfus.

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