You wouldn't hesitate to kill me for any number of reasons. But not this one.
~ Muesel

Lieutenant Muesel was a German officer who appeared as a minor antagonist in the classic film The Guns of Navarone.


Muesel was a German officer stationed on Navarone during World War II. He and his men captured Keith Mallory's team when they came into the town of Mandrakos to find a doctor for the injured Roy Franklin. A fair-minded and compassionate officer, Muesel tried to persuade the group to tell him what he wanted to know so they could forgo being tortured by the cruel Captain Sessler, and when Sessler arrived, Muesel angrily objected to the SS captain's brutal methods, in particular his attempt to torture Franklin. When Andrea Stavros feigned being sick and got the drop on the Nazi guards, Muesel was quickly taken prisoner. His uniform was appropriated by Mallory, who spared his life because of Muesel's kind nature.


In the book, he is named Lieutenant Turzig.