Brett C. Shelton

Brett C. Shelton was the secondary antagonist of Child's Play 3. He was a lieutenant colonel at the military school that Andy Barclay attended. He also appears to be good friends with Major Ellis.

Child's Play 3

He first appeared when he is meeting with the cadets. He begins to tease Andy, and forces another girl named Kristine DeSilva to give him 25 push-ups, with the last two being with one hand.

Shelton is later seen teaching Andy and the rest of the cadets how to use a gun. Andy looks across the field and sees Colonel Cochran, the head of the school, carrying Chucky to a garbage truck. Andy is visibly horrified, knowing that his childhood enemy has found him once again. Shelton, not noticing what Andy is staring at, confronts him and continued to teach him how to use a gun, this time with slightly more violent methods.

That night, Shelton had found Chucky and believed that he was a mere doll. Shelton took Chucky to his room where he would keep is safe for a relative of his. Andy, knowing that Chucky is in Shelton's possession, takes a knife into the lieutenant colonel's bedroom in an attempt to get rid of the killer doll once again. Luckily, Shelton was asleep, but Andy finds that a knife on a weapon rack was missing. He searched everywhere, and finally decides to check under the bed. When he sees nothing underneath, he gets up and turns around to find Chucky right behind him. Scared, he falls backwards on top of Shelton, waking him up. Chucky flees, and Shelton blames Andy for stealing his doll. Andy insists that he did not take Chucky, so Shelton decides to make all of the cadets run laps with their guns in the middle of the night until one of them confesses.

Nobody had confessed to stealing Chucky, who found his way into Colonel Cochran's office and attempted to attack him. Cochran instead had a heart attack from seeing Chucky, and fell over dead. Despite this, Shelton said that the annual war games would go as planned.

The rules of the war game were simple - if you were hit with a paintball, you were "dead." What nobody knew, however, was that Chucky had replaced red team's paintballs with real bullets. That night, when Chucky was holding DeSilva hostage, Shelton and a group of cadets went to find her. Shelton found DeSilva and Chucky, as well as Andy and Tyler. Chucky was holding a grenade, and saluted to Shelton who was amazed at the truly living doll. Fortunately, red team ambushed them and accidentally killed Shelton.


  • Brett is the 16th person killed (technically) by Chucky. Although he could quite possibly his 19th, or even 28th victim.