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Lieutenant Bird Teeth-Fool (中尉鳥歯-フール, Chūi tori ha - fūru) is a albatross garb conqueror Christopher Columbus and mouse teeth, this is the villain and rival Captain Duck-Beard in the videogame Capt. Squirrel Loo's Special : Kaizoku Dakku No Boken! for Famicom, Super Famicom and Game Boy (before successful Konami Wai Wai World and Kid Dracula).


Lieutenant Bird Teeth-Fool is appear in the Version for the Games :

  • In October 1990 (Famicom Released), Lieutenant Bird Teeth-Fool makes appearance a the Final Boss, is kindnapp a Gauntlet, The Duck-Beard's love, very powerful and he tries to live through the Space Ship Albatross, but was defeated by the Hero Duck-Beard and Gauntlet is Rescued (Kaizoku Dakku No Boken Famicom).
  • In June 1991 (Super Famicom Released), Lieutenant Bird Teeth-Fool makes other appearances a the Final Boss, He tired a the countries a the Ship Again, but was defeated a second time (Kaizoku Dakku No Boken Super Famicom).
  • In August 1992 (Game Boy Released), Lieutenant Bird Teeth-Fool makes other appearances a the Final Boss, he tries it again kidnapped by one of the treasures between evil and good, but was defeated a third time (Kaizoku Dakku No Boken Game Boy).


  • Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Good day, Pirate Duck! I kidnap gauntlet! I steal all the treasures in this relic! If you want to save Gauntlet, you can not beat me! Here you have your map to reach me! (Intro Scene NES)
  • Well done, Pirate Duck! You did well to stop, but you can not beat me the first time! I am Lieutenant Bird Teeth-Fool, and see what you have! (Final Boss Scene NES)
  • Came back to find, Captain Pirate Duck! I've beaten the first time, but do not let me option. Do not worry for now, Gauntlet is hanging out there, You can not find, Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Cutsence SNES)
  • Welcome to Space Ship Albatross, Captain Pirate Duck! My name is Lieutenant Bird Teeth-Fool, and prepare a the Surprise Once and For All! (Final Boss Scene SNES)
  • Long time no see, Captain Pirate Duck! The last time you beat me, But I have no other option this time. Now listen carefully, If you want to save his beloved Gauntlet, You must enter the Space Ship Albatross, to know my name Bird Teeth-Fool. Because, you take care to enter you're a duck. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha... (Cutscene Game Boy)
  • How smart do you think, Bird Intrusive? You leave me no choice in the matter of me! I'll take you with dentures of Lieutenant Bird Teeth-Fool : Ruler of the Seven Seas! (Final Boss Cutscene Game Boy)