Liege Maximo is the progenitor of the Decepticons, ruler of the Cybertronian Empire and the true main antagonist of the comic book series, Transformers: Generation 2.

He sits in the Hub, a network of planetoids located in the fringes of Outer Space.


Liege Maximo was the original creator of the Decepticons. At some point after their creation, the Second Generation Transfomers entered into service for him.

When the battle between the Autobot-Decepticon Alliance and the Cybertronian Empire started spiraling out of control, Rook contacted the Liege Maximo to let him know what was happening.

After the remaining crew members aboard the Twilight retreated to the Hub, Rook reported to the Liege Maximo that they had lost seventeen battalions and that Jhiaxus was most likely dead. The Liege Maximo was not too concerned, stating that they were only a fraction of his army and that the "day of reckoning" would come.


  • The Liege Maximo appears in the Transformers aligned Universe as one of the thirteen original Primes.