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Libby Putney, also known as Chanel #5, is a villainess in the television series "Scream Queens". She is portrayed by Abigail Breslin.

She is Chanel Oberlin's right-hand woman and a member of the Chanels.


Libby "is Chanel’s right-hand man," Ryan Murphy said. "They can’t believe what is happening with their sorority and can’t believe the dean is cracking down on them because they’ve lived a reign of terror. Now finally they’re seniors and it’s their time to live it up and they’re told they’re not going to able to and they’re not happy about it at all."Source

Chanel #5 is a very conservative, a little uptight, girl. Breslin describes her as a smart, cunning, sociopath, and a "little bit insane".Source


  • Abigail Breslin's first villain role.
  • Before Scream Queens, Abigail Breslin always wanted to play a mean girl.
  • Despite being #1's de-facto right-hand, she seems to annoy her.
  • Libby is brutally attacked in the Season Two episode, Halloween Blues when the Green Meanie impales her with a machete.

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