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Libby Chessler is the antagonist of the early seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She is a popular head-cheerleader at Westbridge High School.


Libby likes to make fun of people who might be either geeks or outcasts. Libby is a rich spoiled girl who almost everyone at Westbridge High School sees her as a queen. She is the mean girl and queen bee of Westbridge High School. She enjoys giving Sabrina and Jenny a hard time by calling the two "freaks" and called Jenny a "frizzy freak" with her curly hair. Sabrina put a spell on her which she morphed into a pineapple in the pilot episode and is restored back by Aunt Zelda much to Aunt Hilda's disapproval, to which Hilda wanted to chop her up. She is also love rivals with Sabrina, making Libby extremely jealous of her spending time with Harvey Kinkle. She tries but fails to get Harvey's attention. Libby was also transformed into a goat. The beginning of season 5 she was shipped off to boarding school.

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