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Liam Connors is an Irish IRA-turned-hitman and the main antagonist of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode, Ghost.

He was a member of the Irish Republican Army prior to the Northern Ireland cease fire, and relocated to Colombia after being unable to continue fighting for the IRA. He then began to work for the drug cartels in that country.

At the behest of drug lord Cesar Velez, he made an attempt on the life of ADA Alexandra Cabot. Though it was generally believed he was successful, Cabot actually survived and was placed in Witness Protection. A year later, while in custody on four other murders and an attempt on the life of the son of two of his victims, Connors was arrested for Cabot's murder on the request of Casey Novak as a means to keep him remanded. The charge was later amended to attempted murder in the first degree after Cabot was publicly revealed to be alive. He was eventually convicted on all six counts.

It is also revealed that after Cesar Velez's death in prison, Connors was extradited to Ireland, where he serves his life sentence without parole.