Liam is a villain in Ben 10 Omniverse.

After driving past Mr. Smoothy, Ben meets up with Grandpa Max. Bubble Helmet, Liam, and Fistina have arrived with their bomb, but Cannonbolt interrupts. While both Bubble Helmet and Mr. Baumann try to convince him to stay out of it. Bubble Helmet activates the bomb and signals his partners to run away. The bomb detonates, destroying the building and the three criminals run into a secret, underground, alien city.


Liam's appearance is very chicken-like, having feathers and a beak. He also has two bandoliers connecting together on his chest. As seen in The More Things Change: Part 1 he clucks like a real chicken. His upper half is beige, the lower half is brown, has orange feet-like hands and sticking out of his head on the top as well as his bottom are red feathers.

Powers and Abilities

Liam has shown the ability to extract spurs from his elbows. He has enhanced strength and agility.