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Master Li

Master Li is the true main antagonist from the 2010 movie remake of The Karate Kid.

He was portrayed by Rongguang Yu.


Master Li is the Chinese counterpart of John Kreese in the original Karate Kid trilogy. Master Li was teaching some kids to break bones but Dre and Han interrupt about the Kung Fu tournament & Master Li tells him to train and not be late for the tournament. Later Master Li tells his minions to break Dre's leg and succeeded but disqualified with his minions. Master Li congratulates Han for getting Dre back on the tournament & Cheng challenges Dre. Master Li lost his kids from respecting from Han angrily.

Deleted Scene

Master Li was angry at Cheng for tolerating failures but Han fights Li and subdues him to make him calm. (Mirroring the ending of the original movie.) Master Li was resting angrily but Dre's mother punched Master Li in the end of the movie.


  • Though Cheng is Dre Parker's bully and arch-nemesis, Li is the true main antagonist because he is Cheng's master and had bigger plans than Cheng.

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