Lex Luthor is the Main Antagonist and he is Superman's arch nemesis in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


This Lex Luthor is different, he is a rich handsome playboy who is definitely cultured, sophisticated, blue blood snob and very preppy. But he is super smart and a super genius. Lex is somebody, you would never trust with your life. Lex Luthor wasn't born rich, he built his billion dollar company LexCorp into a fast thriving corporation. He was the richest man in Metropolis. His first encounter with Clark Kent and Superman started in the Pilot, when Clark Kent just moved to Metropolis and started out as a mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet. He just begun as Superman, when he stopped one of Lex Luthor schemes. Where he takes out the competition, so his space station will be operation. But his plan is backfired when Superman thwarted his scheme and how these two become enemies.


Season 1

For the first season, Lex is been plotting to take down Superman. Mostly Superman shut down all of his operations. Lex had two goals, he fell in love with Lois Lane, Clark Kent's reporting partner that Clark is in love with. Destroy Superman, his arch nemesis. In the end of Season 1, Lex's plan was about to be finished and his masterpiece will come true. He bought the Daily Planet, from bankruptcy and his plot was to destroy the planet and let Lois depend on him. For the first season, Lois was unaware was Lex was up to and his illegal operations that he is running. He asked Lois to marry him, she said yes. Clark was really upset when that happened. He even framed Jack, Clark and Lois friend from the Daily Planet who planted the explosives in his lunchbox. He even got the green Kryptonite that he bought from a dealer. He also caged Superman and hold him with Kryptonite bars. Before that happened, since Lois is occupied with this wedding and unaware what is Lex is up to. Clark and his friends Jimmy Olsen, Perry White and Jack investigate the bombing of the Daily Planet. Knew Lex was responsible. Lois was about to marry Lex, she turned him down and Perry, Jimmy and Jack with Metropolis P.D. are here to arrest Lex since they have enough evidence to put him behind bars. Lex escaped, their is one thing he was looking forward too, is killing Superman. Superman escaped from the cage and Lex went up to his office balcony and jumped off. He committed suicide. The Daily Planet is rebuilt with a new investor Franklin Stern. 

Season 2

In season 2, Intergang was taking over Lex's place by Bill Church and Bill Church Jr. Mostly Mrs Cox is in jail for aiding Lex Luthor, but Lex's butler Nigel is still out there. Dr Gretchen Kelly, stole Lex body and found a way to resurrect him with Nigel. In the episode Phoenix, Lex is officially resurrected. Lex found out his entire company is bankrupt when his illegal operations were thwarted . He also wants revenge of Superman for ruining his life and wants get back together with Lois Lane. Since Lex is broke, he has an inside source and found out Rollie Valle has possession of Kryptonite and he is in jail. Lex visited him in prison and gave him krypton. Luckily the whole world doesn't know Lex is alive and every cop is coming after him. With the kryptonite he can officially finish his revenge of Superman and take back Lois Lane. But it backfired, Gretchen is killed, Nigel double crossed Luthor. Lex is officially arrested and behind bars.

Season 3

Nigel, Lex's former butler was killed in the end of second season. In the middle of the third season in a two part episode. Dr Mamba worked for Lex, they were planning his escape from prison for a while. Mamba made some clone eating frogs. They were going to clone the President to pardon Lex. Since he was serving a double life sentence. But the plan backfired and Dr Mamba is arrested. But Lex already escaped from Jail. He already kidnapped Lois and replace with a fake Lois. Clark already figured out it she was an impostor. The real Lois was about to escape from Lex. The real reason why he kidnapped her, because he deposited 200 million dollars in bearer bonds before they were married and only Lois is the one who can open it. That 200 million dollars was the only way for Lex to rebuild his empire. But the real Lois will never do it. Lois Lane is engaged to Clark aka Superman and already knows his identity. Lois escaped from Lex, hit her head. She has amnesia trying to escape from Lex and already living out a novel that Lois wrote before she found out who Clark was. Her alter ego was Wanda Detroit. Their were one guy she loved and it is Kent. The guy she despised was Clark. Lex briefly teamed up with Clark to find Lois. Lex found her and told her his name was Kent. He even brainwashed her and turned her against Clark. Since Lois clone switch sides and teamed up with Clark and told what Lex is after. But the plan backfired and Lex got his bearer bonds since he knows he wasn't stupid, since he has lot of men on the inside. He use some of the money to buy a weapon that can kill Superman and this gadget is stronger than Kryptonite. Lex found out Clark's secret that he is Superman. Lois's clone told him just to save her, since she is dying. But Lex double crossed her and wants revenge on Lex. Superman arrived just in time to finish off Lex, but Lex brainwashed Lois and told him that Superman was working for Clark. But the real Lois couldn't do it, but Lex did and his hideout was collapsing. He also kidnapped Clark's mother Martha. Clark saved Lois and Martha and Lex and the Clone died. Lex did one noble thing before he died, he officially let go of Lois. The battle with Lex and Superman is officially over.

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  • He was similar to Lionel Luthor to Smallville.
  • Four of Superman top nemesis in Lois and Clark were besides Lex Luthor. They are Tempus, Lord Nor and Jason Trask.