Lex Luthor of an alternate reality is a dictator of Metropolis and head of his company.

When Lois died in car bomb, Superman came to him for help in making Metropolis a fascist rule. They put under their rule and both became dictators. They even put the Daily Planet and S.T.A.R. Labs out of business. Lex made Mercy the head of the police force that enforced the fascist rule. Not only Lex imprisoned the revolutionaries but took their children away and put them for adoption. Lois Lane accidently went to Lex's alternate dimension and went with the rebels. Mercy found her and brought her to Lex when she busted into the revolutionaries' hideout. Lex doesn't want to jeopadize his control over Metropolis and Superman's allegiance so he had Mercy take Lois to the streets to kill her. The murder attempt failed and Superman met Lois Lane who showed him what Luthor was secretly doing. Superman and Lois confronted Luthor in his office. Superman demanded Luthor to stop but Luthor pulled out kryptonite on him. Luthor plans on turn in Superman and tells them that he was protecting the people. The rebels arrived and knew everything much to Luthor's dismay.

Lex ran away to his aircraft and flew away but Superman followed him. When Superman tried to get Luthor out of his aircraft, Lex used kryptonite on him, causing Superman to damage the aircraft and lose his grip. The engine and the eject seat were malfunctioning, causing Luthor to crash into his statue, killing him and causing the people of Metropolis to rejoice.