Lewis is the main antagonist in the resulted adaptation of the song, Ghost from the American indie pop band, Mystery Skulls.

A former member of the Mystery Skulls, Lewis is a haunting ghost of an abandoned mansion, who tries to seek his revenge on his former friend, Arthur and get along with Vivi again.


Lewis was formerly a member of the Mystery Skulls Paranormal Investigation team. On one fateful journey, the team entered an ominous-looking cave. Upon splitting up, Vivi went one way, while Lewis, Arthur, and Mystery went another. However, Lewis only found an empty pit filled with stalagmites, the bottom of which Vivi's path led her to. As he tried to turn back, Arthur becomes possessed by a malicious spirit and pushes him off, leading to his death.

In Ghost

Months later, the team's van breaks down near a large mansion. (The purple lightning coursing through the dashboard as this happens indicates that it is Lewis' handiwork.) Once inside, the team is attacked by Dead Beats, possessed suits of armor, and Living Portraits, one of which triggers a trapdoor. While Vivi and Mystery somehow land in the kitchen, Arthur finds himself in a deep pit with a coffin and several unlit torches. The coffin opens to reveal Lewis in his ghost form, with a golden beating heart-shaped object over the left side of his chest. He points to Arthur ominously, showing his grudge against him, then forms his spectral pompadour and begins chasing after him.

Just as Lewis has Arthur cornered, Vivi jumps in between the two. Lewis stops short, remembering his feelings for Vivi, though she appears not to recognize him, and tries to give her his heart. However, Arthur pulls her away at the last minute. They reach for each other, though in vain, and the heart falls to the ground, breaking and turning from its golden glow to an icy blue. Lewis explodes in a rage, but they escape the fireball, leaving him alone with his literal broken heart.

As the van drives off, Lewis opens the "heart" (revealed to be a locket) to reveal a photo of him and Vivi together. Resuming back to his human form, Lewis sheds a single tear and disappears. As the van drives off into the night, the mansion vanishes along with him.

In Freaking Out

Some time later, Shiromori's search for Mystery leads her to the former location of The Mansion. While she manages to find Mystery's essence and grows a flower tied to his being, she reawakens Lewis' dormant spirit in the process, who attacks her. Shiromori survives his assault and prepares for a confrontation, but ultimately seems to decide that tracking down Mystery is more important and escapes underground.

Lewis notices the discarded flowers Shiromori grew using Arthur and Vivi's essence. He lovingly picks Vivi's flower up, and wrathfully crushes Arthur's underfoot, showing that his desire for vengeance has not weakened during his inactivity. He then uses a few petals from Vivi's flower to revitalize his shattered heart locket, then absorbs a table with a coffee cup on it and sets off, accompanied by a few Dead Beats. As he crosses the road, a truck runs him over, but Lewis uses the occasion to possess the entire truck, reshaping it in his image, as the terrified driver, Rooster, barely escapes with his life, before slamming the gas pedal.


  • Interesting enough, Lewis' characteristics bear a close resemblace to Fred Jones from Scooby-Doo.