Ocean Hunter Leviathan

Leviathan (Carcharadon megalodon) was the ruler of the sharks and considerably a notorious sea monster in the oceans. He is a giant blue megalodon shark with 900 white teeth. Leviathan is very notorious for attacking ships (based on the sea monster counterpart).

He is the second boss encountered in The Ocean Hunter.


According to the "Wanted" poster, this shark is notorious for destroying eleven ships, killing 364 people. This shark is considerably a very despicable type prior to the events of the arcade game. If one was able to capture Leviathan, the hunter would be rewarded 8,000 G.


Leviathan Poster

You first encounter this shark after encountering four stingrays. When the battle begins, Leviathan will do a fake roar, which does not attack the player. He will attempt to attack the player with his jaws. You must shoot the throat to deal damage. For extra damage, you must shoot the eye. Failure to do so could result in additional sharks to appear. You must take on some of the sharks that are deployed by Leviathan.

After dealing some damage, some sharks will appear to stop the player. You must kill these sharks that are the henchmen of Leviathan. Once on low health, the boss will attack you by sucking you in. You must shoot the throat to deal damage. This must be done at least three times to defeat him. Once this shark is killed, 8,000 G will be rewarded.


  • Leviathan is based on the sea monster of the same name. There are two differences. Leviathan is the name of the shark (possibly the mascot of the game) and the name "leviathan" is a term for a legendary sea monster.

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