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Leviatha is a villainess from Chaos! Comics. She first appeared in Lady Death:Wicked Ways #2


Leviatha was the first and, in the opinions of many demons, best wife of Lucifer. She bore him a son, Thanatos, and the two of them were engaged in a lengthy marriage. It would seem, however, that Leviatha was much more conmitted to the marriage, as Lucifer would ultimately cheat on her with uncountable females of many plains. Eventually, her jealousy became so extreme that lucifer decided to indefinately imprison her.

Hell on Earth

AFter Thanatos's attempt to rule over Hell was ultimately foiled, Leviatha rose from her prison and warred against Lady Death. When it became apparent that she could not defeat Lady Death by herself, SHe came up with a new plan to defeat Hell's New Monarch.

Leviatha travelled up to Earth and established home inb the city of Las Vegas. She brought many of Hell's higher demons with her, creating Hell on Earth. Her plans would, ultimately, end with the ressurection of her true love, Lucifer. Lady Death eventually caught back up with her (After encountering the 4 Horsemen Lady Death could walk on Earth once more) And engaged in a battle for the fait of Eartyh and Hell alike.