The Lesser Amygdala are a group of Great Ones that appear in Bloodborne to act as obstacles for the Hunter.


The Lesser Amygdala are monstrous entities with a spider-like body, a short tail and what appears to be a fly-like head with many bulbous eyes that bulge when it uses its arcane attack. It has six-fingered hands on its eight arms, and reptilian talons on its two legs. Unlike the true Amygdala, These creatures possess a stream of tentacles on their heads.


It is unknown what the true purpose the various amygdala are there to enact, but it is said that the Great Ones are "sympathetic" in nature, so it is believed that they could be there to watch over humanity and "help", humanity's inability to comprehend them complicating such an ideal. This could be believed when the Hunter can use them to teleport to important areas. It is also unknown how they relate to the true amygdala, whether they are servants, the same species of Great One or some kind of metaphysical extension of it.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike the other Great Ones, the lesser Amygdala can only be seen by the Hunter when he/she has 40 or more insight, though they can be seen even if the Hunter has less should the paleblood moon shine in the sky.

They seem to also possess the ability to teleport others, a specific item (like the Tonsil Stone or the Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter) can teleport them to a specific area, though this will also inflict Frenzy on the Hunter (which could kill the Hunter instantly should there be enough).


  • The tentacles on their heads lead them to possessing an odd resemblance to Cthulhu.
  • Amygdala (plural: Amygdalae) means "Almond" in Latin and "Almond" or "Almond Tree" in Greek (ἀμυγδάλη). Amygdala is also the name of a lobe in the brain that triggers high emotional responses, most importantly fear.