i hate snakes!!!
~ Noodman's famous quote about his own hate for snakes
Leslie Noodman is the main antagonist of the Nickelodeon show "Sanjay and Craig". He is voiced by actor Tony Hale who also played James Suggs.


Noodman is the neighbourhood watch and has a pet cat named Lady Butterscotch. He has a strange obsession with blueberries, and harbours a fear of snakes due to his father as revealed in the episode "Family Re-Noodman". 

Appearance Edit

Noodman has pale skin, a long neck, and a long nose. His hair is black and kind of resembles an afro but shaved in the middle. He always wears a blue short sleeved button down shirt with a black tie and shorts. He also has pens in his pockets and orange sneakers.