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Radojka bad

Radojka transformnig form beautiful young women into ugly vampier cerature

The Leptirica or the she butterfly is the Serbian horror movie in which is presented the story of Milovan Glishić, bout a vampire Sava Savanović, one of the first mentioned vampires in Europe.

She bttterfly or Leptirica is the nickname given to a monster vampire in which has turned main heroine of the movie Radojka, even if the monster ins't coneccetd to the story.


Young man name Strahinja is in love with Radojka, but he is poor, sop Radojka's father doesnt give him to marry her.

Strahinja meet some peasnts with local head of peasnts and preests, who have problem with death of watermill keepers.

They ask Strahinja to heklp them by sleeping in mill by night.

At night some creature with sharp teeth atacks Strahinja, but he luckilly fall into the flower.

At morning peasants find Strahinja alive, and they all go to Old women who can tell them where is grave of Sava Savanović, vampire suspected for murders.

After talk with old women, they find grave of Sava, with help of white steed...Thes dig out the grave, and find coffin, and put an flock into the coffin.The she butterfly flew from coffin, but they could not kill it.

Aftehr his help to pesents the head of perasnts agree to help Strahinja marry Radojka, by kiddnaping her.

They did so and the weding was proceded by customs.

As customs say Starhinaj must wait until morning to go to church to have consumed mariage.But he arranged seceretlly wioth Radojka to meed and have first wedding night.

When Strahinja came, he undressed Radojka, and was very happy, only to find out that she-butterfly they didn't killed landed on Radoykas stomach,. making a bllody vound.

Radojak then shoved shap teeth, and transformed into ugly, black hairy cretature.She attaced Strahinja, and jumped on to his back, ridning him to Savas gave at night...There she made him to pull ot the flock, and than she desapeared...

From coffin came out Svava who was exactlly looking as Radojka.

Strahinja saw his cahnce to kill Strahinja by stabing him with the flock.

At mronong peasnt head and peasnts with preast came to take couple into the church joking, not knowitng what happened last nigh, and that Strahinja lying dead, while same she buttefly landing on his head.


Even if movie is made weak for todays standars, for those times it was great done horror movie.Mayn children and addults who watched it back then and even today had trauma fro
Radojka and Strahinja

Strahinja and Radojka

m sceen of Radojka's transformation.

The word Vampire is only word took form Serbian language into English, because myths of vampires have rooth form Balkans...The Count Dracula was Romanian count, but he was not vampire.

The 99 years passed short story by Milovan Glishić about vapmpire Sava Savanović, was writted few years before Bram Stalker's Count Dracula.

Sava Savanović was famous vampire alongside Arnold Pine...Arnold Pine was one of few examples of man digg out of grave with symptoms of vampirism he had reed face, his skin was not rotten and his hair and nails grew back...He was stabed with flock.

Savanović and Pine were famous vampires during cvampire hysteria in Europe and Habsburg monarchy in XVIII century.

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