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Investigate apprentice!
~ Leprix

Leprix, along with Bagswill, was a tertiary antagonist in the first book of The Edge Chronicles. He was a cold sub-dean in the college of cloud in Sanctaphrax who betrayed his position when he became bitter at his life. He sought to kill off Linius Pallitax the Most High Academe and rule in his place.

Leprix was a sinister man, he wore a nose-piece and mask to cover his appearence in public. He was often seen lurking on the college steps where he would start rumours.

He was very well suited to Sanctaphrax life because of its plots and intruge and brutal nature.

Leprix started rumours that Linius was a weak ruler and he should be overthrown or, at least put into retirement.  Leprix saw Linius going into the rock each night with Quintinius, an apprentice, Leprix muttered "the Most High Academe appears to be in distress. Pale, dazed, assisted by apprentice..." a cruel smirk came on his lips as he then said he would investigate Quintinius, which of course meant killing him.

Leprix was a loathsome individual, he sent poisoned wine to Linius which he didn't take, in fact he sent it back. Then he sliced the ropes which held the cages in place but Linius wasn't in the cages when they broke. And finally he heard that Linius had died in a fire. Or so he believed. He called for his servant Jervis to celebrate the wine he and Bagswill were drinking but realized it was the poisoned wine he planned to give Linius. He flew into a rage and succumbed to the poison, floating into Open Sky.

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