Queen Leora of Ophiria appears in the King Conan series. She is the queen of Ophir, who declared war against Aquilonia, ruled by Conan. Along with king Xanthaus and Mage Calliastros, she plots the end of Conan's family.

Conn, Conan's son falls prisoner to Her, along with his brother in law, Derrick, a viking warrior. Conn is drugged by Calliastros, in order to make him more obedient, and forget his past. Leora persuades him to fight and kill Derrick, but Conn is clever, and had secretely stopped  taking the drug. He has regained his memory, but has decided to keep it secret. When the two start to fight, Conn suddenly turns against Leora and Calliastros.

Leora is taken hostage and they escape withtheir royal prisoner in an secret gallery underneath the Ophirian palace. There, they meet the rebels. Leora is thrown in jail, but not for long : she escapes after killing several people, then gets back to Calliastros.

After a decisive battle, Calliastros and Leora's armies are defeated. Leora decides to disguise herself as a servant, and tries to strangle Conan's daughter, Radegund. A fight ensues, won by Radegund.