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Leopold Slikk

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I learned it from your fat ass mouth!
~ Leopold talking to Harold while watching the Angry Video Game Nerd
Yeah, Sakuya is back!?
~ Leopold reacting to Sakuya Izayoi being a playable character.
No! Not you cunts again!
~ Leopold reacting to being about to be killed by Mrs. Suxcox and Principal Diknose.

Leopold Slikk is the main protagonist of the Angry German Kid series and he is the main antagonist of the iMichael series and the secondary antagonist of the Downfall Parodies. He is On the Internet and he usually smashes his computer and becomes abusive to his parents, teachers, and his younger brother Leonard and often gets in trouble. His favourite food is sausage eggs and loves video games like Unreal tournament. Leopold hates school and always argues with his parents and Leonard about going to school. In school, he shows up late to every class, plays video games in class, fails or cheats on/plagiarizes all of his assignments and tests, skips class, gets detentions and/or suspensions/expulsions, and watches pornography in detention. Also, Leopold showed no remorse in blowing up his schools or murdering other people simply because they made him angry. In addition to school, Leopold also hates Tunak Tunak Tun, Dora the Explorer, Fred, Justin Bieber and Sung Kang as well as going to the hospital/dentist.

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