Leopold is one of the protagonists in Scary Gary by Mark Buford.

Leopold worked as a henchman to the vampire Gary, up until he turnt over a new leaf. He now abuses his former master often by punching him in the face, or trying to kill him with sunlight. In a 2011 strip, he was overjoyed when he realized that he wouldn't be with Gary anymore after he died. He makes his living by torturing other people often their neighbors. Not only does he torture them, but he also often eats them. He is an obese green monster who has horns, and yellow spots on his back. In a recent strip, he had a bearded man strapped to his wall, while he was torturing him. His favorite test subject is Travis, a severed head in a jar that he often performs experiments on. In a Christmas strip, it was revealed that he had human parents, and they came to visit him for the holidays. He ends up having them in their car, while it was tipping over a cliff. So far, it is unknown to if they died or not. He is also very skilled in the lab.