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Leopardmon was a minor villain in the TV show; Digimon Data Squad, and is a member of the Royal Knights.


Leopardmon is a Mega Class Digimon that looks like an armored leopard man. The armor is brown with white and a bit of silver. He has angel wings, and red ribbon on his waist and long blonde hair. He also can change into a mechanical leopard.

Digimon Data Squad

Leopardmon was first seen with the Royal Knights. King Drasil ordered him to take out both the Digimon and the Humans that have a Digimon. He fought Ravemon and Rosemon. Even with 2 Mega class Digimon they still had trouble fighting Leopardmon. The fight was getting closer and closer to the Damon family house. Determine to win Ravemon and Rosemon Digivolved into their Burst Mode and defeated Leopardmon.

Leopardmon Leopard Mode

Leopardmon's Leopard Mode


  • Extinction Wave
  • Black Aura Blast

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