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Come here sausage. l take you with ketchup!
~ Leopard Seal
Remember dumplings, I know where you live.
~ Leopard Seal
The Leopard Seal is a character that appears in the 2006 film Happy Feet as the secondary antagonist. In the film, he ambushes the main character, Mumble, in the hopes of a meal. During the underwater chase, he manages to bite down on Mumble's tail and rips some feathers off the penguin's tail, but does no more damage. A seal of few words, he only said two lines when he was land-bound. Enraged by the teasing Adélie penguins, he tries repeated attempts to lash out at them. But after each failed attempt (one of which he accidentally embedded his snout going through the ice trying to bite the penguins, causing himself some pain) he gives up and returns to the sea to find an easier meal, though he did imply another attack with the line: "Remember dumplings, I know where you live." Despite that, he makes no more appearances. He has numerous scars on his face, the most noticeable being a V-shaped scar. Although he has few lines in the film he seems to speak with a distinct eastern european accent. 

He is similar to Disney villains like Shere Khan from The Jungle Book, Man's Dogs from Bambi and Scar from The Lion King as they try to kill the main character. 

He is voiced by Roger Rose.

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