Leonard Marliston

Mr. Leonard Marliston

Mr. Leonard "Leo" Marliston is the main villain of the 2000 slasher film Cherry Falls. He is a local high school teacher in the town of Cherry Falls, Virginia who targets his students, including his half-sister Jody Marken.

He was portrayed by Jay Mohr.


Leo's mother Lora Lee Sherman was a high school loner who was raped by four guys including Brent Marken (who would later grow to become Jody's father and the local town Sherrif) which results in her being pregnant and gave birth to Leonard. Lora become an abusive alcoholic, which caused Leonard's hate of women and led him to become killer where virgins include teenagers begun sex .

In the end, Leonard was killed by Deputy Sheriff Mina after Jody pushed him into impaled on fence posts for killing their father.



  • He was similar to Roman Bridger who was born from rape and he was a half-brother to the main character.