Leonard dawson
No one says no to Leonard Dawson
~ Leonard Dawson

Leonard Dawson is the main villain of Golgo 13: The Professional. At the beginning of the movie, his son Robert was murdered by the famed assassin, Golgo 13 (Duke Togo). This drives Leonard off the edge and he planned a vendetta against Togo. Dawson sought the aid of the C.I.A., the American army and the F.B.I. to help him avenge his son. When Lt. Bob Bragen fails to kill Togo in San Francisco, Dawson sent his grandfather and butler to murder Golgo. Hearing the recent failure, Dawson ordered the F.B.I. let out 2 assassins, Gold and Silver. After arriving at Dawson Tower, Golgo easily defeats Snake, Gold and Silver before confronting the businessman. After congratulating his nemesis, Dawson prepares to kill himself by tossing himself from his office. In his fall, he learns that Robert arranged for Golgo to kill him because he would not go up to his father's expectations anyway. Golgo shoots Leonard in the head before he reaches the sidewalk below. Golgo left a report saying that Leonard's death was an accident.