Leon Zürs is and the antagonist of Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei.

played by Mostafa Zollner.

He is remembered primarily as the archenemy of Tom Kranich and the slayer of Elena Krüger, Tom's girlfriend. Leon is the head of a criminal organisation dealing drugs on a large scale. Elena episode, its headquarters is dismantled and his men are arrested, apart from Reuter (his Deputy), and some hit man in his service. In the same episode, Leon kidnaps Elena, among other things, his ex-girlfriend to make his business are not undermined by two policemen. Tom and Semir Gerkhan arrive though, running away from him, ends up on a train. All believe dead, when in fact he is still alive, though horribly burned. He returns in the episode "farewell, for revenge. In fact manages to kill Elena, meanwhile pregnant by Tom, although the bomb that causes death was destined to Tom himself.And eliminates some of his accomplices and his Deputy himself (having been arrested, Leon feared he could talk). In the final episode Tom could kill Zürs since these is immobilized and disarmed before him. The policeman, however, after long thought, unleash the magazine shooting in the air and stops on his enemy, being able to completely eliminate his organization.