Leon Woods was an American political activist and a character mentioned in Deus Ex. He was the founder and original leader of the National Secessionist Forces and lead the organization during it's early days.

Character Bio

Early life

Barely anything is known about Leon Woods but what is known is that he was once an American political activist who was very critical of the United States government. In 2042 A.D., he had created and lead the NSF movement after the US Government passed the Sporting Weapons Act which effectivly abolished the Second Amendment and eroded the entire constitution. Woods lead a protest group of people who refused to give up their weapons against the U.S. Government and soon, he lead the NSF as they took over multiple US States and declared them to be independent in response to an ever growing tyrannical US Government. In 2045, Woods was killed during his famous "Last Stand" against the tyrannical US government.


Despite the death of Leon Woods, his legacy had lived on. Even after his death, the NSF had gained more and more followers, members, and supporters as time went on. The organization that he had created became liberators in the eyes of the people as the movement spread from the Midwest to the eastern United States and the NSF had continued to grow in size and popularity.