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The governator

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Yeti112 Leon

Leon S. Kennedy with Claire Redfield

Leon S. Kennedy was a character from yeti112's Resident Evil parody series.

He is a RPD Rookie Cop turned U.S. Government Agent working under America's President. He cares about his looks more than anything, including his hair, going to extreme lengths to even just find missing hair. He also murdered several innocent people during the Raccoon City Incident, mistaking them for Zombies, as well as killing the innocent Villagers that he believed to be evil.

Villainous Acts

  •  Murdered the U.S. President alongside other Agents within the building and then claimed he was transformed into a Zombie due to a Virus as well as the others being infected and then ordered Ingrid Hunnigan to launch a Missile at the location. He then accused Derek C. Simmons of the crime.
  • Murdered the Merchant just because he didn't give him his Rocket Launcher when he didn't have enough money.
  • While on his way to rescue Ashley Graham within a Village, he murdered the residents of the town and then claimed they were evil. Leon then broke into the nearby Castle and murdered it's owner, Ramon Salazar, for no reason. After being called a murderer by Ashley herself, Leon became angered and murdered her too, then lied to Ingrid Hunnigan that the Villagers killed her but instead Leon was fired.
  • While in Raccoon City, Leon murdered a Hit and Run victim who he believed to be infected.
  • Leon led two soldiers into murdering a group of survivors, telling the lot were infected Zombies, and even murdered Claire Redfield.
  • Was willing to kill Chris Redfield just to get his hair back.
  • Left Ashley Graham to be captured by Zealots to go after Ada Wong.
  • Opened up the closet which Luis Sera was inside and then sent him into a bunch of Bear Traps.
  • Threw the G-Virus to HUNK where he successfully catched it.


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