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Leon Bell is one of the psychopaths in the video game; Dead Rising 2. He once idolized Chuck Greene when he was a professional Motocross racer. Leon thought that Chuck has gone soft since he left the motocross. He's one of the survivors of the Las Vegas zombie outbreak, and became a psychopath in the Fortune City outbreak.

Dead Rising 2

At the beginning of the game, Leon is one of the contestants competing against Chuck in the TIR level. Before the round starts, he taunts Chuck about how his wife died in the Las Vegas outbreak. Later, Leon confronts Chuck in front of the arena, revealing to Chuck that despite his hostility, he was a massive fan of Chuck during his motocross days, but now believes Chuck to have gone soft. He then murders Carlos Mertiz, a nearby survivor by cutting him down with his slicecycle, having decided that the outbreak is nothing more than an extension of the games where humans are worth "double points." Leon then goads Chuck into a motorcycle battle through the Platinum Strip after throwing him a bike key.

Leon's Death

Upon his defeat, his motorcycle's gas tank springs a leak as he heads back to his motorcycle trailer. After he sees Chuck, Leon taunts him more and begins to spin his bike in a low dip, causing the attached chainsaw to create a spark and ignite the bike and himself. Leon continues to taunt Chuck as he is immolated, claiming he will never beat him. Leon then dropped dead burning his body to a crisp.
Leon Bell's Death

Seconds before Leon Bell's death

Chucks quote to his death is "Yep. Your on fire.", a pun considering that Leon was dead and burning when he says this.


  • Leon Bell doesn't appear in Dead Rising 2; Of the Record. Instead he was replaced by a deranged and psychotic version of Chuck Greene.

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