Leo Taymor

Leo Taymor

Leo Taymor is a villain in the Grimm series and he first appeared in the episode "Last Grimm Standing". He was a Lowen, a lion-like creature, he had a job as a parol officer, however he was secretly running the "Lowen games" gladiator style combat, were two opponets were forced to fight to the death, a remeberance of the fact the ancient Romans forced Lowen's to do this.

He was portrayed by Nick Chinlund who also played Vice-Cardinal Ferdinand Daxus.


He organized the kidnapping of all his parolees who he felt would make great fighters, including Dimitri Skontos. He and his fellow Lowen then kidnapped them on horseback, and forced them to fight in the arena, for profit. Captain Renard confronted him on this and tried to force him to stop, but Leo's greed caused him to ignore Renard. He also attracted the attention of Nick Burkhart, who suspected that Lowen were operating in the area, after comparing what they recovered from the crime scenes to his ancestors diaries. Monroe who Nick had got to investigate this undercover, was however attacked and Kidnapped by Leo and another Lowen. Who threw him into the arena with Dimitri, Nick intrupted the fight holding his gun to Leo's head.

However Leo refused to end the fight, to save his friends life, Nick entered the arena. After losing everything when the police showed up, Leo tried to grab as much money as he could, but was confronted by Renard who set his wesen hit man upon him, thus killing leo.



  • His name is a pun on lion tamer. Leo meaning "lion" in Greek and Taymor sounding phonetically similar to "tamer".