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Leo Seinfeld A.K.A Uncle Leo is a character of Seinfeld. He is Jerry's uncle and his mother's brother.

Villainous Side

In The Bookstore, Jerry and George are at a bookstore, Brentano's, where George hopes to meet women and Jerry spots Uncle Leo shoplifting a book. Later at the coffee shop Jerry confronts Uncle Leo about the stolen book. Uncle Leo claims it is a right as a senior citizen. After Jerry sees Leo steal another book at the bookstore, he rats out Uncle Leo at the bookstore. Jerry talks with his parents about Uncle Leo's theft and finds out about his prior, the crime of passion of which his mother will not tell him the details. His parents also inform him of the senior approach; it is not stealing if you need it. Jerry tries to talk with Uncle Leo, but the only thing Uncle Leo tells him is that he never forgets when he's been betrayed.

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