Mycenae was the servant of Mars and Lio Saint in the XX century. He was the most loyal servant of Mars, and his two sons.

Loyality, even to a bad guy

Mycenae had a short story. He always cared of Eden and Sonia, because he was a loyal Mars servant. Because this, Mycenae trained Eden to became a Saint, to serve and protect Aria (named "Athena" by Mars). Even during the teenage of Eden (when he already is a saint), Mycenae continued to train him

After the Palaestra capture, Mycenae fought with Kouga and other bronze saints, and try to recover Aria. But, he failed.

After, Mycenae accompanied the hard Eden's decision: Stop Mars or just continues serves him. Mycenae waits the Eden's decision, and, when Eden decided to betray Mars, for Eden loyalty (he swears to protect him, to Mars) met Medea, saying he already have known about the Medea scheme (because his loyalty, he tries to killMedea), but Amor appears and kill Mycenae, and Eden gets sad.