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Leo Akaba

Leo Akaba

Leo Akaba, also commonly known as the Professor, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, the father of Ray, and then later husband of Henrietta and father of Declan, though he abandoned his second family before the adoption of Riley. Originally a resident of the Original Dimension, he is responsible for masterminding the Duel Academy's attacks on the Xyz Dimension to complete the Arc Area Project and Revival Zero both of which were concepted to restore his home and bring back his daughter. Due to his position and machinations, he is the primary antagonist of the series.


Leo Akaba appears as a middle-aged tan-skinned bald man with light blue eyes, who wears a purple colored militaristic outfit with several black buttons which resembles the outfit of Vellian Crowler, a purple cape with a black ending, and a pair of grey boots. He also has a black belt with a red line which both end in a button on the front, and what appear to be red circular strings across his chest with a pair of black gloves on his hands. His perhaps most noticeable traits are the armored plate at the left side of his head with what appears to be a red circular lens, and pronounced blood vessels on the top of his head.


Before traveling to the Fusion Dimension he was inventive and benevolent expressing a desire to use the ARC System to innovate Dueling. He also considered Yusho to be a friend. However at a later point he seems to be heartless enough to abandon his home and family, seen when he forcefully sent Declan back to Paradise City, and malicious enough to commit genocide on the Xyz Dimension and during the Obelisk Force attacks on the Standard Dimension (and the Synchro Dimension). He is pragmatic; he does not punish his subordinates for their failures in contrast to his former subordinate Jean-Michel Roget. 

He appears to have charisma and excellent leadership skills, as apparently everybody at Duel Academy obeys him and finds it extremely difficult to betray him (though not without exception). The only times he has authorized force has been with Yuri, Dennis, and Barrett's missions to capture Celina and her dimensional counterparts. Unlike the many villains from past series and the people in Duel Academy, Leo takes no joy in the pain nor suffering inflicted by his subordinates. He was shown to be visibly disturbed when The Doktor used Parasite Monsters to brainwash his daughter's dimensional counterparts and reacted in horror when Yuri ruthlessly sealed Alexis Rhodes into a card.

During his confrontation with Yusho, Declan, and Riley, Leo showed that he is a very serious man, and feels guilt after the damage he inadvertently caused by unleashing Zarc (the true villain of ARC-V) and his daughter's sacrifice that sundered the Original Dimension to stop him. Nonetheless despite his remorse his fixation with reviving his daughter Ray causes him to believe his attacks on the other dimensions are justified regardless of the suffering and maltreatment he engendered onto innocents. One could say he is not really an evil man, just a broken one.


"零" ("rei") means "zero" or "nothing", while "王" ("ō") means "king". The normal reading of Leo's name would be "Reiō"; however, it is read as "Reo" instead, so Reo's name is pronounced exactly like "Leo" in Japanese.

His dub name comes from his Japanese Name: Leo/Lion is mostly known as "king of beasts". In addition, his name can be separated into "Le' 0" which means "the zero", both linking to his Japanese Name.



Leo was a resident of the [Dimension|Original Dimension] and a professor developing new possibilities with the [System|ARC System]. He then decided to use [Monsters|Duel Monsters] with it and found out the compatibility between them were perfect. After studying the monsters, Leo was able to give them mass and was praised all over the world for leading Dueling into a new era. However, a Duelist named [[1]] started Dueling in a violent manner and declared his desire to destroy the entire world, surprising Leo. He watched as Zarc attacked everyone with his [Dimension Dragons|four dragons] and escaped the stadium with his [Akaba|daughter]. He heard her say that the monsters are angry at him and remembered these words: Duel Monster cards have souls. He watched Zarc Template:Anime with his four dragons to become [King Dragon Zarc (character)|Supreme King Dragon Zarc] and was shocked that they became one.[1]

While Supreme King Dragon Zarc destroyed the city, Leo created [Dimension Bracelets|four cards] with natural energy to seal him away. When he was about to go battle Zarc, Ray took the cards from him so he couldn't sacrifice himself. He chased after her and from behind a barrier saw Ray using the cards to split her and Supreme King Dragon Zarc. He then found himself in a [City|strange town] where there wasn't any [[2]], [[3]], or [Summon|Xyz Summon]ings but standard Duels. He tried to touch the monster but his hand went through it and learned it was Solid Vision. With no memory of his former life, Leo began to recreate the ARC System due to the knowledge left in his brain's subconscious.[2]

Leo then met with [Sakaki|Yusho Sakaki] and showed him the ARC System, which gave [Kid|Thunder Kid] mass. He told Yusho about how you can't fantasize about Dueling with it. The two joined forces and successfully developed the [System|ARC System].[1][2] At some point, he gave Yusho "[Swords of Impact|Binding Swords of Impact]", but was unaware he couldn't use it in Duels due to a bug where it doesn't disappear when the ARC System goes offline.[3]

Leo became the original founder of [Corporation|Leo Corporation], as well as [Institute of Dueling|Leo Institute of Dueling] which introduced the concept of [Duel (ARC-V)|Action Duels] in addition to reintroducing the [Summon|Fusion], [Summon|Synchro], and [Summon|Xyz] summoning tactics to denizens of the Standard Dimension.[4] During that point, he scanned his distant memories as he slowly recalled the events of his previous life. As his memories returned bit by bit, Leo began to obsess with the thought of Ray living somewhere in the [Dimensions|Four Dimensions].[2] One day, he left for the [Dimension|Fusion Dimension] without telling anyone in his family to search for Ray, thereby abandoning the company.

When Leo first met [[4]] at [Academy|Duel Academy], he decided to scan Celina's memories for any traces of Ray’s memories due to the resemblance and bracelet, but found nothing. When Leo started to worry about it, he remembered that Ray's shadow split into four with Zarc and the world and thought what she was divided and sent to each of the Four Dimensions as different versions of herself. He took control of Duel Academy and used it as a frontline base to enact his [Area Project|plan] to reunite the Four Dimensions back into one, with the [Zero|Revival Zero] intiative being key in restoring his daughter in the process.[5][2]

One day, he and Celina met [[5]] and told him of his crucial role in the [Area Project|Arc Area Project].[6]

 halt [Akaba|Declan] and [[6]]'s escape.|link=]]Eventually, a young Declan stumpled into Duel Academy through a [Travel Technology|teleportation device] intending to confront Leo about abandoning his family, but Leo caught up to him. Celina, who was attempting to escape with Declan's aid, complained to Leo about being stuck at Duel Academy while her comrades were preparing to attack the Xyz Dimension, but he refused to add her to the vanguard squad. Declan also protested that Leo had abandoned Leo Corporation, to which Leo asked him if he had crossed dimensions just to find him, confusing Declan even further. The [Force|Obelisk Force] troops apprehended Celina, and Leo told her that he would definitely find her and bring her back to Duel Academy, regardless of where she ran. He then used a wristwatch-like device to send Declan back to Standard, but not before telling him about the Fusion Dimension and about him using Duel Academy to help him bring the worlds together.[5][2]

At some point he sent Jean-Michel Roget to the Synchro Dimension to infiltrate and prepare it for invasion. At another point, he sent Dennis McField to the Xyz Dimension to do the same as Roget, but to also find a girl with a certain bracelet, Ray's Xyz incarnation, though Dennis was left in the dark as to who she was to him. When Dennis finally found her and identified her as Lulu Obsidian, he sent word back to the Professor to green light the invasion. After much of Heartland City was destroyed, Leo sent Yuri to capture Lulu. Later, Leo found out about Rin, an orphan girl from the commons who was actually Ray's Synchro incarnation and had Yuri capture her too. Once they were each brought to Duel Academy, Leo had the Doktor place his Parasite Fusioners in Lulu & Rin's heads to brainwash them into being totally loyal to him alone in case anyone tried to rescue them so they wouldn't go willingly. With Celina already loyal to him, Leo then had Lulu & Rin placed in the very top of the West & East towers until he could find Ray's last incarnation from the Standard Dimension and was ready to start Revival Zero.

Arc League Championship

Leo was first mentioned by [Obsidian|Shay] when [Akaba|Declan] first confronts him.[7] Both Shay and Declan consider Leo their enemy, with Declan insisting he is preparing Duelists to confront and defeat Leo.[8]

 observing [(machine)|ARC-V], the machine build to uniting the [Dimensions|Four Dimensions] and his daughter [Akaba|Ray].|link=]]When Declan and Shay were watching the Duel between [[7]], [Perse|Sora Perse], and [Sakaki|Yuya Sakaki], Yuto revealed that [Academy (ARC-V)|Duel Academy] invaded the [Dimension|Xyz Dimension]. Declan stated that this was due to Leo Akaba's ambition. After Sora was transported back to Duel Academy within the [Dimension|Fusion Dimension], Leo was watching over a [(machine)|machine] absorbing cards into itself. At the time, he was informed by the aide that the forced return program activated once Sora revealed his mission to their enemies within the [Dimension|Standard Dimension]. However, Leo clarified that the Standard Dimension was not their enemy and that investigating Sora's memories would explain the situation.[9] After doing so, he informed [[8]] about [Boyle|Zuzu Boyle]'s existence, claiming that she might be the fourth piece that he was looking for. Because of this, he ordered Yuri to bring Zuzu to Duel Academy.[10]

 and [Force|Obelisk Force] to capture [[9]].|link='sNewOrders.png]]When Sora asked Leo directly to let him return to Standard, Leo granted his request, under the conditions that [Force|Obelisk Force] would accompany him and that he would retrieve [[10]] and bring her back to Duel Academy.[5]

Friendship Cup Finals

After hearing [Macfield|Dennis]' report that [Boyle|Zuzu] and [[11]] were in the [Dimension|Synchro Dimension]'s [[12]], Leo gave [[13]] a new mission to go to the Synchro Dimension with the [Force|Obelisk Force] and capture Zuzu and Celina. He also informed him that [[14]] would also come to the Synchro Dimension.[11]

Heartland City

 [Tyler|sisters].|link=]]After [Noro|Mamoru] sent a report about [Summon|Pendulum Summon]ing being used in the [Dimension|Xyz Dimension], Leo sent [Tyler|Gloria] and [Tyler|Grace Tyler] to [City (ARC-V)|Heartland City] to help defeat the [[15]].[12] As a precaution he also sent the [Force|Obelisk Force] as backup in case the Tyler sisters lost.[13][14] After Leo received Celina's report that she had captured Zuzu, he mused that it was time for [Sakaki|Yusho Sakaki] to learn the truth, while he watched Yusho arrive at Duel Academy with [Doktor|The Doktor].[15]

 to not let the girls get harmed.|link=]]As Doktor monitored how his "Template:Anime" made [[16]] follow his orders, Leo recognized his results but warned him that Rin and [counterparts|her counterparts] are important to the [Area Project|Arc Area Project] and not to be harmed. He then looked over to the other monitor to see Yusho and [Rhodes (ARC-V)|Alexis Rhodes].[16] When [[17]] contacted him about the Lancers landing on the island's north side, Leo told him to carry out the mission according to the plan and take [Sakaki|Yuya Sakaki] down.


  • According to his voice actor, Leo is a character with high importance and a great impact to the story.

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