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Leo Akaba

Leo Akaba

Leo Akaba, also commonly known as the Professor, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, the father of Ray, and then later husband of Henrietta and father of Declan, though he abandoned his second family before the adoption of Riley. Originally a resident of the Original Dimension, he is responsible for masterminding the Duel Academy's attacks on the Xyz Dimension to complete the Arc Area Project and Revival Zero both of which were concepted to restore his home and bring back his daughter. Due to his position and machinations, he is the primary antagonist of the series.


Before traveling to the Fusion Dimension he was inventive and benevolent expressing a desire to use the ARC System to innovate Dueling. He also considered Yusho to be a friend. However at a later point he seems to be heartless enough to abandon his home and family, seen when he forcefully sent Declan back to Paradise City, and malicious enough to commit genocide on the Xyz Dimension and during the Obelisk Force attacks on the Standard Dimension (and the Synchro Dimension). He is pragmatic; he does not punish his subordinates for their failures in contrast to his former subordinate Jean-Michel Roget. 

He appears to have charisma and excellent leadership skills, as apparently everybody at Duel Academy obeys him and finds it extremely difficult to betray him (though not without exception). The only times he has authorized force has been with Yuri, Dennis, and Barrett's missions to capture Celina and her dimensional counterparts. Unlike the many villains from past series and the people in Duel Academy, Leo takes no joy in the pain nor suffering inflicted by his subordinates. He was shown to be visibly disturbed when The Doktor used Parasite Monsters to brainwash his daughter's dimensional counterparts and reacted in horror when Yuri ruthlessly sealed Alexis Rhodes into a card.

During his confrontation with Yusho, Declan, and Riley, Leo showed that he is a very serious man, and feels guilt after the damage he inadvertently caused by unleashing Zarc and his daughter's sacrifice that sundered the Original Dimension to stop him. Nonetheless despite his remorse his fixation with reviving his daughter Ray causes him to believe his attacks on the other dimensions are justified regardless of the suffering and maltreatment he engendered onto innocents. One could say he is not really an evil man, just a broken one.


"零" ("rei") means "zero" or "nothing", while "王" ("ō") means "king". The normal reading of Leo's name would be "Reiō"; however, it is read as "Reo" instead, so Reo's name is pronounced exactly like "Leo" in Japanese.

His dub name comes from his Japanese Name: Leo/Lion is mostly known as "king of beasts". In addition, his name can be separated into "Le' 0" which means "the zero", both linking to his Japanese Name.


  • According to his voice actor, Leo is a character with high importance and a great impact to the story.