Lenore Karidian
No, Father. The time will never come. Tonight, after my performance, the last two who can harm you will be gone. [...] There were nine. Now there are only two, and they will be gone as soon as I.
~ Lenore, to Karidian, revealing herself as the culprit behind the murders

Lenore Karidian was a villainess in the Star Trek franchise, appearing in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Conscience of the King" and later in the book Foul Deeds Will Rise.

She is played by Barbara Anderson.


Lenore is the daughter of Anton Karidian, formerly Kodos the Executioner, and a fellow actress of the Karidian Company of Actors. At a party hosted by Thomas Leighton, she meets James T. Kirk, and the two strike up a relationship. Kirk offers to have the USS Enterprise escort the Karidian Company of Actors as part of a ploy to try and determine whether or not her father is in actuality the infamous Kodos who was responsible for the deaths of four thousand people on Tarsus IV in 2245.

Romance grows between Lenore and Kirk until Kirk, after a couple of murder attempts aboard the Enterprise (one made against Lieutenant Kevin Riley by poisoning, and the other against Kirk himself with a phaser set to explode), confronts her father, who admits he is Kodos and shows he regrets his past actions. At this point, a heartbroken and angry Lenore chastises Kirk for harassing her father, effectively ending their romance.

In the final act, after Karidian finishes performing a scene, she reveals herself to be the one behind the attempted murders of Riley and Kirk, as well as the previous murders of other witnesses to Kodos's long-ago massacre. Her father is extremely shocked and grieved by this revelation, but Lenore insists everything she's done, and is doing, is for his own good.

Kirk overhears Lenore's confession and orders her to be taken away by security, only for Lenore to grab the security officer's phaser and hold Kirk at gunpoint on stage before the startled audience. Lenore attempts to shoot Kirk, only for her father to take the phaser blast. Lenore, devastated by what happened, cries over her father's lifeless body as she descends deeper into madness, believing her father is due to perform before an audience.

Following the death of her father Lenore was institutionalized. By 2288 her rehabilitation had been successful and Lenore was released from custody. Lenore became part of a group of volunteers rebuild the war torn worlds Pavak and Oyolo. She encountered Kirk, Riley, and the senior staff of the original Enterprise when the Enterprise-A was sent to facilitate a major peace conference between the two worlds. Despite an attempt by a delegate to frame her for the murder of a delegate from each planet, Kirk discovered the truth. Following the discovery of the truth Lenore risked her life to destroy a stolen protomatter warhead.

Lenore remained on Oyolo following the peace conference in order to continue helping the war torn planet rebuild.


Is he dead? Speak. Is King Duncan dead?
~ Lenore's first lines, said during a performance of Macbeth
I take it you're the welcoming committee.
~ Lenore, to Kirk during their first meeting
And this ship. All this power, surging and throbbing, yet under control. Are you like that, Captain? All this power at your command, yet the decisions that you have to make.
~ Lenore, to Kirk, during a tour of the Enterprise
All this and power too. The Caesar of the stars and the Cleopatra to worship him.
~ Lenore, before she and Kirk kiss
There's a stain of cruelty on your shining armor, Captain. You could have spared him, and me. You talked of using tools. I was a tool, wasn't I? A tool to use against my father.
~ Lenore, to Kirk, after she catches him interrogating her father
Later. Everything's always later. Later. Latest. Too late. Too late, Captain. You are like your ship--powerful, and not human. There is no mercy in you.
~ Lenore, to Kirk
Tonight, the Karidian Players present Hamlet, another in a series of living plays presented in space, dedicated to the tradition of classic theater. Hamlet is a violent play about violent times when life was cheap and ambition was God.
~ Lenore
Don't you see? All the ghosts are dead. I've buried them. There's no more blood on your hands. [...] But you're safe now, Father. I've saved you. Now, no one can touch you. Not even Captain Kirk. See Caesar come? He's awed by your greatness, your shining brightness. Bright as a blade before it is stained with blood.
~ Lenore, to her father
I did it for you. I've saved you.
~ Lenore, to her father
They weren't innocent! They were dangerous! I would have killed a world to save him!
~ Lenore, to Kirk
The play, Captain. He must go on. This is the great Karidian. [...] You cannot deny him his last performance!
~ Lenore, to Kirk
[The Enterprise] will become a floating tomb, drifting through space with the soul of the great Karidian giving performances at every star he touches.
~ Lenore's reply to Kirk's claim she won't escape from the Enterprise
Caesar, beware the ides of March.
~ Lenore
Father. Father! O, proud, death! What feast is toward in thine eternal cell, that thou, such a prince at a shot so bloodily hast struck? The curtain, the curtain rises. It rises. There's no time to sleep. The play. The play. The play's the thing, wherein we'll catch the conscience of the king.
~ Lenore's words as she breaks down after accidentally killing her father
Karidian. I'm tired of hiding from my past. It's time to accept myself for who I am, the good and the bad.
~ Lenore in 2288, deciding that she will no longer use the alias Lyla Kassidy.