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Hello, ladies! Let me introduce you to my collection...permanently.
~ Lenny luring the girls into his trap and imprisoning them in his collection
Lenny Baxter is the villain of The Powerpuff Girls episode "Collect Her". He is an obsessed fanboy who takes away everything to do with the Powerpuff Girls, not only merchandise, but also Bubbles' drawing and crayons, Buttercup's punching meat and Blossom's makeup, and even the portrait of them and the Professor. He also takes away everything they have, including the hotline. Finally, he tricks the Powerpuff Girls into coming to help him so he can box them, much to the anger of the citizens of Townsville, especially the Professor. The Professor and a group of children blackmail him into telling the former where the girls are being hidden by the former telling each individual kid to open up a toy package, much to Baxter's dismay. The Professor tells him though he has all kinds of merchandise, there is one thing doesn't have: true fandom, because a real fan wouldn't keep his/her heroes to himself/herself, but let them be free to do things, such as what they do best. Baxter tells him they are on the top shelf, in boxes. He is then locked in a cell.

Lenny has also appeared in Cartoon Cartoon Fridays revealing trivia about some shows. When he appeared in those, he wasn't a villain.


  • Lenny is very similar to Al McWhiggin from Toy Story 2, because they are both greedy, both wear glasses, both are overweight, both kidnap the protagonist (Powerpuff Girls and Woody), both collect merchandise and obsessed with something they like (Powerpuff Girls merchandise and Woody's Roundup) and they both lose their fortune in the end.

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