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Lena Yada is a former WWE Diva who acted as a minor villainess on the ECW brand.

After participating in the Diva Search in 2007, Lena joined SmackDown and later ECW as a backstage interviewer. When she was in the ring, however, Lena unleashed her villainous side by entering herself in a dance contest that originally featured Kelly Kelly and Layla, and even went as far as naming herself the winner. It was after losing a bikini contest to Kelly Kelly that Lena officially became a villainess, when she and Layla both attacked Kelly out of bitterness over losing to her. Later on, the evil Lena aligned herself with fellow villainess Layla during her in-ring feud with Kelly, and also briefly aligned with Victoria as well. In her only in-ring appearance on Raw, Lena was part of the victorious heel side of a multi-Diva tag team match. Lena's role as a villainess ended when she was released by WWE in November 2008.