Lemrina Vers Envers is a second princess of the Vers Empire first introduced in Season 2 of the anime Aldnaoh.Zero. Lemrina is the daughter of the former Vers emperor Gilzeria and an unnamed mistress, making her the illegitimate daughter and second in the line of succession after her half sister, Asseylum Vers Allusia. Lemrina is also a physically disabled, being bound to a wheelchair, however, she is capable of moving normally in low gravity, suggesting this may be due to muscular or skeletal weakness rather than paraplegia.

Lemrina is first shown making a pro-war propaganda speech planned by Saazbaum aboard a Vers space station. Lemrina is shown to have grown close to Slaine Troyard, much as her sister had previously, and may have feelings for him. This becomes even greater when Slaine reveals his past and how he sympathizes with her, having also suffered mistreatment because of his birth.

Lemrina is also a skilled manipulator, using her disability to make people both sympathize with and underestimate her. Lemrina was neglected as the disabled illegitimate princess, and she herself believed that her power to activate Aldnoah drives was the only reason anyone kept her alive in the first place.

Lemrina intends to take revenge for her mistreatment by "taking everything Asseylum has". Lemrina intends to prolong Asseylum's coma long enough to succeed in the her plans, and eventually to take her place as heir to the empire, intending to marry Slaine and make him emperor, fulfilling both of their plans.