Lemon Breeland is the main antagonist in Hart of Dixie. Let's just say she was like a southern Blair Waldorf and Julie Cooper of Blueball Alabama. She first saw Zoe Hart as her arch nemesis, not because of her father Brick taking half of his practice. Her ex-fiance George Tucker has a crush on Zoe Hart and wants to be with her. When she was a teenager, she was the ultimate wild child in High School. She was also the mean girl in high school where she was the head cheerleader at Cyrus Lavinus Jeremiah Jones High School. She was also Miss Cinnamon Cider beauty Pageant. When she grew up she and George Tucker grew up in Bluebell and her mother was popular and head cheerleader too. She left the family and divorced her father Brick when Lemon was Sixteen years old. When she grew up, she already picked up a perfect life and also run an elite group called the belles which she is the leader. Mostly when bad things happened, she spent most of her time trying to get Zoe Hart out of town or ruin her. That's why she always hate her, she is always disrupting her life and every guy in Bluebell falling in love with her.
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