You're gonna be my doll! My pretty little doll! You're gonna be all mine!
~ Leland White

Leland White is the main antagonist of Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode One - The Taxidermist. Madison Paige investigates him two years before the events of Heavy Rain as a suspect of the Origami Killer. After Madison arrives at his house only to discover he is not home, she sneaks into his house. Madison later discovers he is a psychopath who brutally murders women and stuffs them as trophies. Shortly after, he returns home in a white pick-up truck.

After he arrives home, he watches TV, uses a saw on the woman in the bathroom, and checks on the stuffed women in his bedroom. However, should Madison cause the floorboards to creak upstairs, or otherwise make too much noise, Leland will be alerted of her presence. He will then begin searching upstairs for Madison. Should Madison be spotted or discovered by Leland, a chase begins. Button prompts will be used to avoid Leland's attacks and to manoeuvre around the house. After Madison enters the garage, she can choose to open the door and run for her bike (or use the chainsaw to kill Leland) and escape and Leland will stand there for a few seconds then go back into his house. This will result in the "The End Of a Nightmare" ending.

Madison may also call Sam using the phone in Leland's mother's room and tell him to send the police to Leland's house. Surviving or hiding until the police arrive will result in the "The End Of Anguish" ending. Dying before the police arrive will result in the "Sacrificed In The Name Of Truth" ending. Escaping without being noticed by Leland will result in the "In The Middle Of The Horror" ending. Dying without contacting Sam will result in the "Where is Madison Paige?" ending.