Gentlemen, we're here to sell the American Dream, and Hollywood is our greatest advertiser.
~ Monroe meeting with Suburban Redevelopment Fund members.
It can't be stopped, Kelso. There's too much money at stake.
~ Monroe warning Jack Kelso.

Leland Monroe, along with Harlan J. Fontaine, is one of the main antagonists of the video game L.A. Noire. He is the president of Elysian Fields Developments, a housing company. In the advertising billboards and papers, he always have a smile on his face.

He isn't confronted until Cole Phelps and his partner, Herschel Biggs, arrive in his office questioning him about the fires. While being confronted, Monroe has kept his cool. Later, he calls Jack Kelso about meeting with him. However, he has ordered his men to kill not only Jack, but also his army buddies. This attempt failed. Jack enters Monroe's office and shot him in the leg. While he begs to be nursed to health, he discovers his dirty dealings, including the people who are on his payroll such as Roy Earle, Cole's former corrupt Vice partner.

What happened to Monroe is unknown, but it is assured that he is placed in jail with the other Suburban Redevelopment Fund members or dies of blood loss.


Monroe almost always appear in ads with a smile on his face and is polite to almost everyone, like Dr. Fontaine. However, he loses his cool when Jack confronts him in his mansion where he shot him in the leg. In addition, he loses his cool again when Dr. Fontaine kills Courtney Sheldon and uses Ira Hogeboom to burn down some of the houses while meeting with him in a restaurant.